How to care for hair in dry spring, the first task to make up the sun


How to care for hair in dry spring, the first task to make up the sun

Selenium supplementation: Selenium is an important hair-raising substance because selenium can penetrate deep into the hair and make hair strong.

Selenium is high in nuts and fish (selenium capsules are also available in pharmacies).

Avoid alcohol products: Do not use alcohol-containing products when styling hair, because alcohol can make your hair dry and tarnish.

Vitamin B is the most important “vitamin” of hair.

Coarse grains are rich in vitamin B, so it is advisable to eat more whole grains.

People with less hair need a special hair style, preferably with a bangs, and the upper hair is longer.

Hot compress: Careful hot compressing of the hair is very important for the scalp and hair tips in the spring because they are exposed to cold and hats during the winter.

Fine hair: Fine hair must be gentle care, so it is best to use a mousse or comb to shape it slightly at the tip.

Otherwise, just use your fingers to shape it.

Thick hair: If your hair is thick, comb it back, which will make the hair fluffy and cause more.

The correct way is to use a semi-circular comb to pull the hair tightly and dry, then let it cool naturally.

If your hair is prevented from tipping every 8 weeks, it is good for your hair.

First, don’t use plastic or metal combs that will ruin your hair.

On the contrary, natural materials or rubber resin brushes or wide-toothed combs are ideal tools.

Never use a rubber band because it will break the hair.

Curly hair: Curly hair can be kneaded with a liquid conditioner, or pressed on a curling iron with a hair dryer for a short while, then gently combed and shaped with a spotting agent.

Shampoo: Hair cleansing is the foundation of healthy hair, and proper washing is an important factor in hair care.

Shampoo at the right time, according to the quality of the hair, the amount of dry hair sebum secretion is small, the shampoo cycle can be slightly longer, generally 7?
Wash once every 10 days.

Oily hair sebum secretion, shampoo cycle is slightly shorter, generally 3?
Wash once every 5 days.

Neutral hair sebum secretion is moderate, generally 5?
Wash once every 7 days.