Dry nosebleed press according to Yingxiang


Dry nosebleed press according to Yingxiang

From the perspective of Chinese medicine, the autumn is dry, and the human body’s yang is also strong. As the saying goes, “it is easy to get angry”, so it is common to see the blood rushing with the nose and causing bleeding.

銆€銆€For general nosebleeds caused by non-medical diseases and trauma, self-stroking has a better preventive effect.

Regular massage according to the following methods can reduce the occurrence of nosebleeds.

銆€銆€First, press 鎻?棣?,, 楂?楂?

Both points are located next to the nose.

The Yingxiang point is at the midpoint of the outer edge of the nose.

The giant acupoint is straight down the pupil, and the side of the nasolabial fold is level with the lower edge of the nose.

When massage, place your index finger on your left and right acupuncture points and press 鎻?symmetrically.

First welcoming incense, after the giant python, 5 minutes per hole, 1 time each morning and evening.

You can also expand the massage range by placing the fingertips of the two index fingers or the middle finger on the pair of noses, and rubbing them up along the bridge of the nose. You can go between the two eyebrows and down to the nose.

Please pay attention to moderate, it is best to be lighter and lighter.

This way, rubbing back and forth 50 times a day, it has the effect of preventing colds, promoting nasal discharge and preventing nosebleeds.

銆€銆€Second, 鎻変笂鏄?绁炲涵.

These two points are located on the Du Meridian of the human axis.

The court is in front of the hairline straight up half an inch (the same size, that is, each person’s own thumb is 1 inch wide, the same below), the star is 1 inch straight in front of the hairline.

You can press the thumb on the acupuncture point with one hand, and press the sputum in one direction after the acid rise, 5 minutes per hole, 1 time in the morning and evening.

銆€銆€In addition, because the child is a “pure yang body”, nosebleeds are mostly caused by lung heat and stomach heat, so parents can use the thumb to push the ring finger of the child’s hands and the thumb palm side, pushing from the fingertips to the finger roots, so that the lungs can be clearedThe stomach is hot and prevents nosebleeds.