[Shall you only eat fruit for dinner]_Eat at night_OK

[Shall you only eat fruit for dinner]_Eat at night_OK

Weight loss is a problem that many people in modern times attach great importance to, because obesity will bring many adverse effects to people, which will affect aesthetics and bring diseases such as hypertension, hyperlipidemia, hyperglycemia, etc.That enthusiasm is so high.

There are many ways to lose weight. Some people will lose weight by eating less or not, such as eating only fruit for dinner is a very common one, so is it good to eat only fruit for dinner?

They all said that they should eat more fruit. Fruit is a good thing.

The Jiangsu Provincial Center for Disease Control and Prevention has conducted a nutrition survey of Jiangsu people. The average daily fruit intake of Jiangsu residents is 71.

4 grams, there are 8 in urban and rural residents.

4% of the population had zero daily fruit intake, 66%.

8% of the residents have a daily fruit intake of less than 100 grams, and the proportion of people with a fruit intake of more than 200 grams per person is very low, accounting for 7.


While the nationally recommended standard is 200-400 grams per standard person-day, more than 90% of the people have insufficient fruit intake.

Eating less fruit is harmful, too much is equally harmful.

The doctor said that the country recommends 200-400 grams per standard person day, but if it exceeds this amount, it will also cause a burden on the body. Fruits with high sugar content in the body will bring the risk of obesity and diabetes. Clinically, hePatients with diabetes who have overeat fruit.

These fruits should be eaten less. As soon as autumn has arrived, the person needs a process of adjustment. At this time, Yang Qi is looking up. If you eat a lot of cold fruits, it may not be conducive to the spread of dampness and coldness in the body.

Therefore, you must eat less cold fruits at this time.

Which fruits in your life are cool?

The doctor said that watermelon was the first cool fruit, followed by strawberries, pears, and melon.

These fruits can be eaten, but must not be “willful.” In addition, at this time, choose some neutral fruits and vegetables, such as apples, cherries, and so on.

Would you just eat fruit for dinner?

It’s best to eat around 6 pm. Dinner must be really good, and eating healthy is not difficult.

First of all, eat less dinner and sleep soundly. The specific amount depends on each person’s physical condition and personal needs, and the degree of self-feeling is not hungry.

Don’t eat enough for dinner, let alone stay over.

Dinner time is best arranged around 6 pm, try not to exceed 8 pm.

It is best not to eat anything after 8 o’clock, except drinking water.

Also, do not go to bed for four hours after dinner, so that the food you eat in the evening will be fully digested.

First, choose fiber- and carbonized food for dinner.

There should be more than two vegetables at dinner, such as cold spinach, which can increase vitamins and provide fiber.

You can reduce the amount of pasta and eat some coarse grains.

You can eat some fish in small amounts.