Health, first raise yang!


Develop a good habit, give birth to yang, and slowly make up the yang!

Health, first raise yang!
Develop a good habit, give birth to yang, and slowly make up the yang!

If you ask how many years a person wants to live, it is estimated that everyone will say that they want to live forever.

If we compare our body to the kites in the sky, then the yang is the wind that helps the kites fly to the sky. Everyone hopes that the kites they can fly can fly high, but the key to flying the kites is to seize the wind.

The wind is not strong, and the kite will not fly high for a long time.

Similarly, if a person lacks yang, he will be physically weak and even get sick.

When health is constantly overdrafted, the body will also react – back pain, back pain, stiff neck, cold, etc., the body is reminding you: yang is not enough, healthy overdraft.

First, how much yang is there, how long will your road have a long road to life, how can we go further and further?

There is no doubt that yang is your stepping stone. Once the yang is superfluous, it must be stable and long-lasting!

But yang is a little naughty. When we need it, it always plays with us for a while. “So how to catch the yang, this little naughty, we need to use our brains.”

The long-term medical experience has given me the opportunity to face many patients. I often ask them such a question: “How old do you want to live?

“What disappoints me is that more than 890% of patients will answer that he has never thought about this problem.”

There are even some patients who will say, “I don’t want to live too long, it’s too tired.

“It’s really ridiculous.”

We must know that the length and quality of life determine our life. If you don’t care about your life, how much happiness is there in life?

These patients, obviously seeing doctors because of illness, still do not care about their health and longevity, really do not know what to say.

In fact, we should consider health after we are sick. Each of us should prepare for our health and longevity, and the sooner this preparation begins, the better. It will not cost you much time and money, but it will be excellent.Life is like buying personal insurance for yourself. The earlier you buy, the sooner it works, the more you save, the effort, and the money.

At a small price, you can get a good life and live to the “year of the sky”. Why not?

Romantic couples standing face to face so many years old can be called “days”?

“The Yellow Emperor’s Internal Classics, Su Wen, Ancient Innocent Theory” said: “The ancients, their knowers, the law of yin and yang, and the number of surgery, food and drink have festivals, daily life is often, not worthy of work, so can shape and GodEverything is going to end, and it’s going to be a hundred years old.

“It can be seen that as early as thousands of years ago, the Chinese who are full of wisdom can maintain their bodies in accordance with the laws of nature, and live a hundred years old.”

The age represented by “Year of the Sun” is not the original creation of the old Chinese doctor or the ancestor of the ancestors. In foreign countries, there is similar research: the American scholar Helfrey estimates the life of the person according to the degree of cell division, resulting in the life of the person.It should be 120 years old.

These findings are strikingly consistent with our ancestors’ records of the number of days of life.

Xinglin Interpretation of the ancients, who knows, the law is yin and yang, and the number of surgery, food and drink have festivals, daily life is often, not worthy of work, so it can be shaped with the gods, and end the year, the hundred years oldIn the ancient times, people can understand the reason of the operation between the heavens and the earth, the harmony between yin and yang, the law of eating and living obeying the law, and not working hard, so the body and spirit are in harmony, living over a hundred years and enjoying the day.

But why do modern people’s average life expectancy is seventy or eighty years old, and most of them die of disease?

Why are the people nowadays reduced by the life expectancy of the ancients?

This is a question that every modern person should ponder.

Of course, as a doctor, I have to think more. In this book, I am willing to share my thoughts with you and discuss with you. Let us look for the mystery of “live to the sky”.

Second, all diseases are damaged by one yuan. Modern people always claim that they are more romantic than the ancients imitating imagination.

In fact, in my opinion, the ancient talent is a romantic idealist.

Even in the rigorous field of medicine, the ancients were full of bold imaginations. The ancients used the relationship between the sun and the sky to compare the relationship between yang and the body: if there is no sun in the sky, then the earth is dark and unclear, and nothing can grow.

Trying to hold the sun at dawn, so the operation of the heavens and the earth must have the sun; if the human body does not have yang, it will be riddled with illness, so it must have sufficient yang, but also have to reconcile and consolidate the protective function of yang.Otherwise, it will lead to the involvement of sick and evil.

“The Yellow Emperor’s Internal Classics, Su Wen, and Angry Heaven” said that “the yang, if the sky and the day, lose their place, then the life is not outstanding”, therefore, the maintenance of yang is the root of health and cure.

If Xinglin interprets yang, if the sky and the sun lose their place, then the life is not the relationship between the yang and the body. It is like the relationship between the sky and the sun. Once people lose their yang, they will be unknowinglyReduce life expectancy.

I don’t know if anyone has noticed how it feels when the body is not feeling well.

I think that the body was like a cold and cloudy weather at that time, wet and answering, it was very difficult!

But as soon as the sun comes out, it will be sunny, warm and comfortable.

Sometimes the yang is naughty and hides, so that we can’t find it. Sometimes it sneak out of our head and sneak a peek at us. Sometimes it will come out and make our body very comfortable.Therefore, we must use our own hands to hold up our own sun, let it shine on our internal organs, have yang, and be healthy!

People’s lives are all made up of the word “yang”.

Only by strengthening the yang, can we not be sick, and only the yang is strong, the body’s self-healing ability can be played normally, and medicine can be useful.

It is the weak decline of yang that causes our body to have one or the other health problems. Many people do not heal after a long illness. The medicine used does not work, but because their own yang is not stimulated, and the body is raining every day.Note, what medicine will also run into the rain will also run away.

Are young friends who are envious of the superheroes who have the ability to heal themselves in the movie?

In fact, the fictitious characters in the movie are nothing unusual. We have a strong ability to resist evil spirits in every life. As long as you develop this ability, you are also a superhero. If you want to develop this ability, the fundamental measure isPour your own yang.

“Yangqiang is a long life, but yang is awkward.” Imagine that the body is a big kite. The kite flies high. It depends on the wind. People want to live healthy and longevity, and they rely on yang.

Third, every day to dry the back, borrowing “yang” from the sky is now completely different from the past, usually go to work early and late, the only time to get some exposure to the sun, only a short walk in the summer commute; and oftenThe driver of the car, even the time to sunbathe is also omitted, not only can not get the sun, enter the office, the most need to have a strong yang to protect the back, but also let the cold air conditioning wind blowing. The people who have lived this life are mainly young people in struggle.

There is a saying: the first half of life used to change money, the latter half of life with money to buy life.

Let’s leave the hard-for-money money and enjoy some more free life in the future. Don’t take it for life.

Sunbathing I have a very simple way to prevent disease, health: every two hours, put the back of the computer in front of the computer, walked to the sun-drenched window, turned around, back to the window10 minutes.

The benefits of back station are two: first, the sun will not stimulate the eyes; second, the back of the governor is like the human body’s “power plant.”

The sun is just lying on the back of the governor, adding some energy to your “power plant.”

Every day, deliberately insisting on the sun, its effect will gradually appear.

Maybe it’s a year, maybe ten years, when my peers are tired, old, and you are still sunny, healthy, and radiant.

You know how magical it is to borrow “yang” from the sky!

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