[How to make big bones delicious]_ making method _ Daquan

[How to make big bones delicious]_ making method _ Daquan

Bone soup is a kind of nutrition soup that is often drunk. It has a good nourishing and nourishing effect, it can supplement calcium, resist aging, and meet the nutrition required by the human body.

Many people with poor physiques and malnutrition are especially suitable for stewing big bone soup.

However, stewing the big bone soup needs to grasp the time and materials, otherwise it will affect the taste, then how to stew the big bone soup is delicious?

Bone Soup Bone Soup has anti-aging effects in the axial direction.

This is because the most important part of human osteoarthritis is bone, blood, red and white blood cells are formed in the bone marrow. With the increase of age and the aging of the body, bones make red, the function of white blood cells gradually declines, and small functionsThe reduction directly affects the body’s metabolism.

The collagen contained in the bone soup can just enhance the body’s ability to make blood cells.

Therefore, for middle-aged and elderly people, drinking some bone soup for bone conditioning can slow down bone aging. Similarly, bone soup can also help young people’s bone growth.

Eating pork still feels like the meat on the big bones is the most fragrant. The big bones are all lean and live meat. The stewed big bones are dipped in garlic sauce and eaten, which is called fragrant.

There is bone oil on the big bones, but it is the essence of big bone nutrition, which can fill the bones, and the big bone soup also has a good calcium supplementation effect. If you want to add calcium, stew some big bone soup and drink it.

Method / Step Knife the bone with the back of the knife, because the bone is hard to sink when it is cooked.

Fry it with boiling water, remember that the bones should face down, otherwise the dark colors will run away, filter the clear soup and set aside.

Fry the pan with onion, ginger, and garlic, then add the flower corner, aniseed, and deep-fry.

After the scent comes out, put it into the clear soup, and then put the bones with the big head down and neatly. After it is boiled, simmer on low heat, add some salt, and adjust the mouth.Time.

Seeing that the soup has turned white, and the basic bones are almost the same (about 20 minutes), you can fish out and let the bones cool, and prepare a cup of bar.