Weight loss VS suffering from spontaneous abortion


Weight loss VS suffering from spontaneous abortion

On the third day of the Qing Dynasty surgery, I came alone to the grove that had promised us many good wishes.

The wind is very light, with velvety drizzle on the cheeks, but the colic in my heart is still the same, thinking back to my husband’s soft words: “Don’t be sad, raise your body and say. you should pay attention now, don’t seeThe wind is cold, don’t get out of bed for a week, don’t take a shower. “Since the incident happened, he didn’t have any blame and blame. The careful care made me guilty.

銆€銆€Close your eyes, the pain in your heart is deeper while spreading.

Baby, how did my mother accidentally lose you, you were me, how eagerly the whole family is looking forward to it!

銆€銆€Losing weight, let me like to worry about all the female friends who are beautiful nowadays. Before I was pregnant, I was addicted to various fitness plans and dieting methods to get the slimness of my body.

The daily overload of exercise and the approximation of the harsh diet made me lose more than 20 kilograms of excess meat.

Wearing a beautiful fashion, taking advantage of her husband walking on the street, my heart is not unintentional.

So small size, not every woman can wear on the body, as for the hard and difficult newborns of sports, everything is worth it!

銆€銆€However, when I was enchanted by the joy of losing weight, my body had some bad conditions.

The “old friends” who have always been on schedule have become very rare every time, and then they simply don’t come!

I felt that the situation was not good, so I went to the hospital.

After making B-ultrasound and various tests, the doctor pointed out to me: “You are obviously secondary amenorrhea caused by excessive weight loss. The results of the risk indicate that your corpus luteum is low, low hemoglobin and hypothyroidism, if notTimely treatment, severe cases will lead to infertility!

“I am stupid, and I look at my husband and take a breath!”

To know that you have been married for two years, to have a lovely baby is our long-cherished desire!

銆€銆€So we embarked on a long road of seeking medical treatment, saw Chinese medicine to see Western medicine, ate western medicine and sputum Chinese medicine, went to many hospitals, and made various consultations. Most doctors said that if properly conditioned, there should be nothing.The problem, and proper exercise has a positive effect on the body, just not eating too much.

Therefore, my illness did not stop exercising completely. When I was eating, I only added a little staple food. My husband advised me to be confident in myself and insisted on giving me Chinese medicine every day. From spring to winter, I experienced a season, and graduallyImprove the improvement, but the cycle is not accurate, sometimes for thirty or forty days, I follow the doctor’s request, patiently measure the body temperature every day to record.

Until recently this time, there have been no more than 50 days, and the body temperature has continued to 36.

There are more than ten days above 8掳C. Is it. I dare not think about it, and my husband sneaked into the hospital!

銆€銆€I am finally pregnant!

銆€銆€I clearly remembered that I knew that the day of pregnancy was a sunny morning. I held the diagnosis tightly and I was so excited that I was wet.

Out of the hospital hall, the whole world is full of color in my eyes. I use my trembling hands to send a message to my husband: “Husband, congratulations, you will be a father next winter!

In the days to come, I may become very ugly, lazy, and sleepy, but please don’t dislike me and work together with me for this special time.” Her husband’s information and people are almost at the same time.?

“Wife, hard work for you!

I will love you more!

“The eyes of both of us are wet, and the joy of self-sustaining in our hearts makes us hug together!”

銆€銆€The following days are busy and joyful. I choose to buy special milk powder for pregnant women, inquire about the intake of various folic acid and trace elements, and subscribe to the magazine “Marriage and Health and Health” to refer to relevant questions and accept the parents and friends.congratulate!

In order to be prudent, I went to the hospital for a comprehensive inspection.

The doctor who realized that my living habits took the test results and said to me optimistically: “From now on, you must change the original mode of life.

Strengthen nutrition, reduce exercise, your corpus luteum is somewhat low, and blood pigment is only 8.

2, this is not up to standard for a pregnant woman, especially in the first three months, must pay attention to rest!

“I am obsessed with it. After I went home wrong, my husband asked me very seriously: Everyday meals should be eaten according to the recipes he made, reducing exercise and stopping dieting!”

My heart is very contradictory. The long-term weight loss life makes me know that it is easy for people to get fat, and how difficult is the weight of some pounds!

Psychological contemplation, perhaps the beginning of pregnancy is not as serious as people say, maybe even exercise to help the baby.

It’s this kind of luck. I secretly glared at my husband and made a slight adjustment in the amount of exercise. I changed my original 60-minute run every day to 30 minutes in the morning and 30 minutes in the afternoon. I still insist on eating.The original less food and more dishes, the amount has not increased much.

So nearly two months, there is nothing wrong with it, and I don’t even have morning vomiting, such as tiredness and early pregnancy. Maybe this is the benefit of sports!

Just as I gradually became smug, one day I suddenly found myself seeing red!

銆€銆€The doctor injected me with progesterone to let me lie down. She said to me without hesitation: “Your nutritional status and current physical condition are very bad, which is very much related to your long-term excessive exercise and diet.It is expected that the implantation of the child in the first three months will be unstable and require extra rest and nutrition.

Obviously, you have not been persuaded in the past two months.This civilian can’t keep it in the end, and he has to continue to observe the size of blood flow.

“The doctor’s words are like a blow to me. The mood of remorse can’t be expressed in words. I don’t dare to move in bed. There is never a fear that makes me afraid of this level. I feel a huge sense of embarrassment and regret in my heart.”I almost swallowed up my whole person, I can’t imagine how to face this next few hours!

In the dark, I tried to stroke my stomach and talk to the baby who only had more than 50 days: “Baby, don’t leave your mother!

Mom is wrong, must change!

Although our knowledge is only two months short, sometimes I will be dizzy for you, tea does not think, but, mother loves you!

How many times, I have a smile that is silent to you with the joy and pride of being a mother, you must know, isn’t it?

Mom wants you!

“Baby, mother shouldn’t lose you the next morning, the blood flow made me completely cool, hiding in the bathroom, I am like a million arrows, never want to go out again.”

Lying on the operating table, my heart was broken into pieces, and any cold instrument was swaying in the body. The tearing pain made me have a pleasure to punish myself!

At the end of the operation, I heard a cry of a baby crying from the next-generation delivery room. My heart was touched by some kind of sad and tender feelings. I smiled and shed two tears for a new life.For that happy mother!

銆€銆€At this moment, I understand the true meaning of “heart is like a knife”. I haven’t done any tears in a few days. Although I know that everything has nothing to do, the pain of deep microscopic pains is always plaguing me!

I want to use my experience to warn all the friends who step into the ranks of expectant mothers: Cherish your fate with the baby, be kind to yourself and your family, be a happy mother!