[Encyclopedia of Kejiao Stew Soup]_How to make soup_How to make

[Encyclopedia of Kejiao Stew Soup]_How to make soup_How to make

The taste of Ejiao soup can nourish qi and blood and nourish the body. When cooking the soup, you can pair it with some foods with higher nutritional value, called longan, red dates, Ejiao, fresh chicken, peel the skin, wash it, and cut it into particles.Shape and then treat the red dates, longan to remove the kernels inside, this soup is more suitable for women with more menstrual periods, qi and blood does not recover have a good conditioning effect.

The method of Ejiao chicken stew is described in detail. Taste: sweetness. Process: Ejiao chicken stew. Ingredients: Ingredients: 150 grams of chicken. Auxiliary materials: 40 grams of Ejiao, 15 grams of longan meat, 30 grams of dried dates (dried).Do 1.

Peel the fresh chicken, wash, and cut into pellets; 2.

2. Longan meat, washed with red dates (pitted); 3.

Put the ingredients in a saucepan and simmer for 1 hour.

Tips-Health Tips: 1.

Blood deficiency, fainting, palpitations, women with too many months, pregnancy with blood, exhausted cough, yin deficiency and dry cough, caused by blood deficiency or insufficient lung yin;

This soup nourishes the blood, nourishes the lungs, and nourishes the yin. The donkey-hide gelatin in the soup is made of donkey skin and is rich in protein. It has a good effect of nourishing blood and bleeding., Hemostasis, is an essential medicine for prenatal and postnatal diseases.

Chicken spleen and tonifying deficiency, nourishing qi and nourishing blood to help Ejiao nourish blood and stop bleeding.

Longan meat is a good product for nourishing the heart and spleen, and can nourish qi and blood.

Peace of mind, moisturizing, and help gelatin moisturize lungs and cough.

Tips-food phase grams: Ejiao: Ejiao dahuang.