Today’s winter, an old Chinese medicine winter health secret, quickly collect for your family!

Today’s winter, an old Chinese medicine winter health secret, quickly collect for your family!

Suqian Network News (Reporter Wang Yanzhen) ushered in the winter festival on November 7.

“Li, the beginning of the building; winter, the end, the collection of all things.”

Li Dong is the 19th solar term of the 24th solar terms. After the winter, the sky is obviously blacker.

The climate change of the twenty-four solar terms affects people’s food, clothing, housing, and mood, and plays a decisive role in health. Nowadays, many citizens are beginning to pay attention to warm and cold protection and winter nourishment. How to maintain the winter?

This reporter interviewed Zhuang Ying, director of the Department of Untreated Diseases at Suqian Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital, and asked him to talk about the common sense of winter health from the perspective of 鈥渃lothing, food and shelter鈥?

Li Dong wears clothes to keep warm. Whenever the season is changed, everyone always wears clothes.

In the past few days, when the cold air hit, the people on the street 鈥渨earing clothes鈥?became more and more. Some people wore thin coats, and some people already wore big cotton jackets.

In progress, Zhuang Ying said that after the winter festival, the temperature will drop and the climate will become dry. Therefore, at this time, the cold and warmth should follow the principle of 鈥渘o nuisance鈥?

Zhuang Ying said: “It is easy to consume yang when the clothes are too thin. Now the girl who still shows the toes should pay special attention to it, so it is easy to catch a cold.

The clothes are too thick, the yang is not hidden, and the cold is easy to invade.

Zhuang Ying told reporters that the winter festival is in the middle of the autumn and winter, and the winter does not mean winter.

After the winter, the back of the human body, the stomach, the head and the joints need to be kept warm.

Zhuang Ying said: “At this time, the yang is hidden, and the yin is extremely strong.

Many people wear a lot but still cough, which means that the back is affected by the wind and the lungs are injured after the cold.

Zhuang Ying said that at this time, you should pay attention to your stomach to keep warm. If your stomach is affected by the wind, it is easy to hurt the spleen and stomach.

At the same time, the head should also keep warm, otherwise there will be headaches.

Zhuang Ying said: “The phenomenon of cramping is easy to occur in winter. It is necessary to pay attention to the joints while keeping warm, but also to fully warm up before exercise.

“Should eat more warm food tonic in the aspect of eating, Zhuang Ying told reporters that the basic principle of Chinese medicine for four-time health is “spring and summer Yangyang, autumn and winter nourish Yin.”

In cold weather, you should eat more warm and tonic foods, which will not only make your body stronger, but also protect your body from cold.

Zhuang Ying said: “Cold climate will affect the body’s endocrine system, which will increase the secretion of thyroxine and adrenaline, thereby promoting and accelerating the decomposition of three major heat sources such as protein, trace and by-products, resulting in the body’s tiny loss.many.

“From this, Zhuang Ying said:” This solar term should ensure the supply of high-quality protein, increase the intake of staple foods and fats, and eat more protein such as lamb, beef, and chicken.

At the same time, we must pay attention to the combination of vegetarians and vitamins. You can eat potatoes, cabbage, carrots, bean sprouts and other alternative vegetables.

These vegetables are rich in vitamins. It is necessary to change the varieties frequently, and to properly mix and supplement the body’s vitamins.

Zhuang Ying said that due to the cold weather, many people generally start to close the doors and windows, resulting in the indoor air not flowing. Everyone should open the window regularly to keep the indoor air fresh.

Zhuang Ying said: “The living and rearing after the winter should be based on ‘retaining Tibetan’ yang. It is necessary to go to bed early and not too early in the morning to ensure sufficient sleep time.

For the citizens who like morning exercises, Zhuang Ying said that it is possible to extend the morning exercise time properly and ensure redundant sleep. It is also possible to sleep properly.

Chinese medicine pays attention to the winter, the feelings should be bleak and quiet, and the desire to seek less, so that you can use the spirit of adduction, which is conducive to raising.

Appropriate amount of exercise out of the sweat Zhuang Ying said: “Lidong health should be properly active muscles and muscles, exercise should be combined with static and dynamic, can be slightly sweaty, so good for the body.

If too much sweating will cause sweat and more deflation, there is a way to hang on the yang in winter.

“Zhuang Ying said that this time to sunrise, low temperature in the morning, the human sympathetic nerves excited, causing contraction of the skin capillary, increased blood circulation obstruction, blood pressure is easy to increase, myocardial oxygen consumption is also increased, easily lead to myocardial infarctionOr an unexpected situation such as a cerebral hemorrhage.

Zhuang Ying said that the climate will become colder in the winter, and the violent anaerobic exercise will easily cause physical discomfort and even cause sports injuries. Therefore, it is necessary to choose aerobic exercise that reduces the range of motion and consumes consumption.